InfoCamp Keynote (Mar 14)

InfoCamp 2015 is jam-packed with events that will get you thinking about technology, society, and people. Throughout the day, you’ll experience…”

“Keynotes by entrepreneur Vivienne Ming on unrecognized human potential and product designer Francine Lee on the importance of personal process.Panels on data the data for good movement – with Bayes Impact and DataKind – and user-centered product development featuring designers from IDEO and SAP Apphaus.”

An exploration of cyborg fictions and futures (Mar 7)

I had a blast giving a joint keynote along with Robocop screenwriter Ed Neumeier at the H+ Film Festival: An exploration of cyborg fictions and futures.

“What kind of future are we moving towards with advances in robotics, prosthetics, artificial intelligence, and body augmentation? The idea of transhumanism (H+) suggests that the future is bright, with extended human lifetimes coupled with higher quality of life. However, in popular science fiction, the future is often not so bright. Will humans eventually transcend their bodies and become higher beings, or will technology reduce humans into mere machines? This film festival (part of the Crown Social Fiction Conference) seeks to compel these conversations with screenings of the science fiction classics RoboCop (1987) and Ghost in the Shell (1995), as well as the documentary Transcendent Man (2009). Following Transcendent Man, we will have a guided discussion, featuring panelists Ed Neumeier (cowriter of the original RoboCop and UCSC alumnus), Dr. Vivienne Ming [Hey, thats me!] (theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley), and UCSC’s Dr. Chris Gray (lecturer at Crown College and author of the book Cyborg Citizen). They will explore these questions and examine the relationship between the fictions that awe us and the realities that face us.”