Bay Area Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (Apr 5)

“15 years have flown by since Young Women Social Entrepreneurs began! In our 10 year anniversary video, YWSE founders, leaders, and members reflect on the spirit of YWSE which keeps it going strong. Watch as we take a look at this special community that continues to inspire women all over the world.

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE) is a global organization with chapters in Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and the U.S. (Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Washington DC). ”

East Bay STEM Career Awareness Day (Apr 28)

I’ll be speaking at East Bay STEM Career Awareness Day:

On April 28th, STEM companies in the East Bay’s innovation corridor will open their doors to local high school students to showcase the kinds of jobs that might be theirs should they pursue STEM majors in community and four-year colleges. STEM Career Awareness Day, organized by the Institute for STEM Education at California State University, East Bay, is also an outgrowth of several years of collaboration among local governments, businesses, and academic institutions. Close to 200 science students from six East Bay high schools will learn about STEM careers and visit a dozen local STEM companies for up-close looks at the groundbreaking work being done in fields including biopharmaceuticals, sound engineering, robotics, building efficiency, and forensic sciences.

InfoCamp Keynote (Mar 14)

InfoCamp 2015 is jam-packed with events that will get you thinking about technology, society, and people. Throughout the day, you’ll experience…”

“Keynotes by entrepreneur Vivienne Ming on unrecognized human potential and product designer Francine Lee on the importance of personal process.Panels on data the data for good movement – with Bayes Impact and DataKind – and user-centered product development featuring designers from IDEO and SAP Apphaus.”

Deep Learning Summit (Feb 14)

Being chair of the Deep Learning Summit 2015 in San Francisco was exhausting. Who knew telling dumb jokes staegically designed to bridge two unrelated talks could be so much work. From my experience, MCing and moderating are much more work and stress than speaking (which I also did). You’re responsible for making all of the speakers look good, not just yourself…which is hard enough.

The upside of Chairing the event was that I was forced to pay attention the whole time — I’ve gotten very bad about that at other conferences — giving me the chance to see some amazing work. As a scientist I loved all of the research talks but I’ll highlight a few of the demos:

  • MetaMind’s fast, trainable deep learning platform was something I intend to leverage.
  • On-chip deep neural networks from TerraDeep bring ubiquitous sensors into the mix.
  • Can DNNs “understand” beauty and creativity? Researchers from Flickr and Yahoo showed their results in this area.

Tech Industry & the LGBT Community: Bloomberg Panel (Jan 22)

I had an amazing time talking at Bloomberg’s West Coast headquarters about the good and bad of the tech industries relationship with LGBT workers and entrepreneurs. The panel included Sarah Kate Ellis, chief executive officer of GLAAD, Kiva Wilson, diversity manager at Facebook Inc.,Patrick Chung, founding partner of Xfund, and Dominique DeGuzman, software engineer at Twilio Inc. Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows was a wonderful moderator the panel.