If Kids Were Bonds…

…they’d be the backbone of the world economy. This is a piece  I just published for the Techonomy Conference. http://techonomy.com/2015/11/if-kids-were-bonds-theyd-be-the-backbone-of-the-world-economy/

The punchline: known effective “meta-learning” interventions, scaled across US children, would at $1.3-1.8 trillion per year to the US economy. Of course, even more is possible around the rest of the world.

Los Angeles (Apr 29-30)

I’ll be in LA next week, splitting time between education and diversity. I’ll meet with some amazing educators in the region to learn about how they are leveraging data to understand their students. Then it’s time to be an adviser for Credit Suisse Joint Advisory Board Meeting. We’ll talk about the enormous economic potential of so many populations in the US.