Los Angeles (Apr 29-30)

I’ll be in LA next week, splitting time between education and diversity. I’ll meet with some amazing educators in the region to learn about how they are leveraging data to understand their students. Then it’s time to be an adviser for Credit Suisse Joint Advisory Board Meeting. We’ll talk about the enormous economic potential of so many populations in the US.

Mentoring and Speaking at SXSW (Mar 11-14)

Austin is an interesting place, made all the more so for the 11 months of SXSW. Unfortunately, I was brutally sick for the entire trip, but I did my very best to share my plague with as many attendees as possible by being a mentor and speaker.

At SXSWedu I spent two whole days both formally and informally mentoring entrepreneurs and students all working to make education more effective and equitable. This was the highlight of my entire trip (other than dinner with the EdFusion team).

Then I gave a talk on how the “societal cost of unrealized human potential” impacts careers and how we can “engineer environments for success”.

Also…good food trucks.